Aledin is an indigenous Nigerian company which aims to facilitate access to affordable Nano-finance tools to Nigerians excluded from formal credit. Our goal is to achieve nationwide reach by 2020.

We have formed strategic partnerships that enable us immediately and efficiently target customers who are available on our partner platforms, offering loans at interest rates significantly lower than existing market rates

We use predictive analytics through information technology to determine credit worthiness.

We aim to provide innovative solutions for the daily financial needs of modern life, especially to the people underserved by mainstream finance.

Products of ALEDIN

We provide affordable Nano-Finance for the nation through the following products

Nano Credit

Small Holder

Nano Credit

Nano credit is a structured digital financing service targeted for small amounts usually lower than the microfinancing loan brackets. Credit is traditionally given on the basis of ability to repay loan and presence of a collateral should repayment risk crystallizes. However, Aledin Nano credit using predictive analysis to determine customers borrowing eligibility based on factors such as character and capacity to provide small unsecure loans to mobile customers.

This unconventional method of determining eligibility allows for timely decision making, which significantly increases speed of disbursal faster than other sources of finance.

Nano credit drives financial inclusion as it requires a user to be an active mobile money user to access the service. This ensures that borrowers who currently do not have any sort of banking relationship would opt for a mobile wallet to be able to access the service

Aledin Nano provides this service by plugging in to mobile telecommunication networks and banking platforms and extracting a wide range of data from these various data pools to be able to provide people with minimum amounts of advances, cash advances and payday loans. Using predictive analysis to determine customer eligibility and amount to be disbursed, optimising cash flow based funding decisions, we reduce lenders’ risk and increase approval speed through an automated process built on sound algorithms focused on meeting the daily needs of customers while achieving financial inclusion.

The following loan solutions are currentlly availably:
• Smart Loan

Nano Insurance

Nano or Micro insurance is insurance aimed at the low income market segment, but more importantly the working lower and middle class as well as the informal economy. Low-income earners in developing countries are more vulnerable to ordinary life risks and therefore, an unexpected event could completely wipe out a family's entire savings. Aledin Nano, has identified a means of managing the risks faced in everyday life by people living on low incomes by tailoring insurance to the needs of professionals especially in the informal sector e.g. farmers.

Nano Insurance targets those excluded from the mainstream insurance sector just like Nano credit targets those financially excluded. Attacking the cultural perception that insurance is only affordable to the elite. Aledin Nano essential role is to enhance the risk management of the members of the cluster over and above what each can do as a stand-alone while protecting every individual in the pool through the analysis of data to understand the premium capacity of each member to reduce risk of default.

Smallholder financing    

Agriculture remains a major economic activity and employs a significant number of low income families in Sub-Saharan Africa. Agricultural producers in low income countries face a number of hurdles but worthy of note is their limited access to finance. Although the sector employs 55% of the population, only approximately 1% of bank lending goes to the agricultural sector.

Aledin Nano has identified the critical need to provide funds for farm investments in productivity, improve post-harvest practices, smooth household cash flow, enable better access to markets and promote better management of risks.

Our smallholder lending model incorporates systems that are distinct from those used for microcredit, which in turn, require a different mind-set and investment in new tools and systems. Our model is flexible and bespoke taking into consideration the peculiar and diverse profiles of smallholder borrowers to determine loan tenor, disbursement, and repayment terms. Analysing the household production unit enables us to match payment terms to cash flow, and provides a more accurate analysis of the payment capacity and true risk of lending to the smallholder.

Use of specialized credit officers with a background in agriculture is also one of our critical strengths as well as an automated data capture process and credit analysis. This automation of processes reduces errors, increases efficiency, and improve accuracy of loan application assessment.

ALEDIN is hiring

If you are flexible, innovative and have a flair for problem solving, you are welcome to join our dynamic team. Kindly send CVs to recruitment@aledinnano.com

As the foremost mobile lending financial technology innovator in Nigeria, our radical and unconventional organizational culture sets us apart in every way.

We care about our people and mentor/ train them to become the best in their professional capacity as well as assist them in realizing personal dreams while harnessing and growing their skills.

Partners of ALEDIN

In order to offer you the easy and comfortable services you deserve, ALEDIN has strategically partnered with some top notch organisations.

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